mosque carpet installation serviceMasjids are usually smaller than mosques. Cultural centers, community centers usually have a dedicated masjid within their facility. We help from quoting to final details in masjid carpet installation process. wide range of design patterns available

Installing carpets in large spaces like mosques, ball rooms, masjids, hotels or any other large areas that require wall to wall carpeting needs professional work. We are in this business for long time and helped many mosques and community centers and businesses with their carpet flooring needs.

You will not have any issue with Fire Department codes since we do our carpet installation according to regulations.

We prefer installing wool carpets and the wool rugs specially in the mosques, masjids, cultural centers or in the areas where kids can play on the carpet. There are many health benefits of wool carpets, please click here for more details. Sometimes wool carpet is really a blend, often of synthetic and natural fibers. This may be less expensive, though many people feel the inclusion of synthetic fibers minimizes the benefits of the wool. Today people may choose a wool carpet specifically to avoid synthetic fibers.

Please feel free to contact us about your need of large area carpet installation.

 Our Moqsue Carpets are %100 Wool. 

Mosque Carpet Designs - Patterns