hardwood flooringThe classic beauty of hardwood flooring works in almost any decor from a traditional setting to a more modern environment. 

Hardwood flooring has been the choice of interior designers and builders for years because of the level of warmth and beauty it can create in a room. Hardwood flooring has the ability to frame your furnishings, set off an area rug or subtly finish a well-designed room. 


Solid wood flooring is a very traditional choice and is available in three basic types: strip flooring, wider width planking and parquet flooring.  Engineered wood is constructed with two or more layers of wood.  The bottom layer can be made of a wood composite creating more stability in the product.  The top layer is a veneer and can consist of many wood types; oak, birch, maple, ash, cherry and bamboo.  Each species offers multiple appearance options to meet all individual interests.  Many hardwood floorings have installation options such as glue-down, nailed or stapled and can be installed over multiple surfaces.  Our installers are trained to install either type of hardwood selection in multiple ways.

Hardwoods are a timeless flooring options that endure trends and remain beautiful.  At USA Flooring, we are proud to offer a wide variety of hardwoods