ari carpet area rugsArea Rugs can be the culmination of a floor-decorating process or the beginning of a room décor change. In the same way that a belt or purse can accent a wardrobe, an area rug can add individuality and style to a rooms’ decor. At the same time just as painting a wall can create a whole new atmosphere so can changing an area rug. 

Area Rugs can be used in mosques, cultural centers or can be used as portable prayer rug for multiple prayers. Besides, use them for decoration, sound reduction and as thermal insulation to warm hard-surface floor covering. They also provide protection for fine floor surfaces in high traffic areas. With hundreds of color and style combinations available in a variety of sizes, our area rug selection is endless.

Remember – if we don’t have the perfect area rug for your masjid in our stock, we can order order designs you choose in our catalog.


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